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Remember the NPR “Top 100 SF/F”  list that came out a while back?  That (at least in my opinion, although opinions vary) cane out very white, male, and also boring.  There was a process by which the judges narrowed the selection I don’t fully understand.

Eruthros has gathered nominations for the past two weeks for a list of the top 100 Speculative Fiction works.  It’s very long, so here’s where she’s taking votes to narrow it down to a short list.  Please go vote!  You can also vote with OpenID.

The Poll:

Go vote!

EDIT:  Voting is closed, but the short list should be out sometime soon.
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I've been reading some stuff about consent recently, and it's all about spoken consent and how that's super important.

Here's one of the articles I'm talking about:


And a Good response on Tumblr:


Bunch of Personal Musings About BDSM stuff - not graphic )
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Ellen, an illustrator who does fantasy illustrations and other stuff, has painted a bunch of really beautiful small abstract paintings.  ("Abstract" means heavy on the colors and shapes without being a literal representation of anything.) 
She’s trying an experiment to see if she can fund some much needed house repairs and nursery renovations for her soon-to-be kiddo.  Anyway, go over there and look, even if you do nothing else.  A lot of the paintings are just gorgeous.  They're based partly on peope's prompts (a word or two to represent in the painting)  and I'm surprised by how she represents them in shape and color.


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There's a new community called Disabling Queerness  which is exactly what it says on the tin... or exactly what it says in it's name.

Disabling Queerness on DW

Disabling Queerness on LJ

I'm exited! :)

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Kaz wrote this post out of zir frustration with a WAY oversimplified, and therefore useless, "trans* awareness" handout ze was given.


In this post, ze made a couple of epic cool drawings *more accurately* describing zir gender/sexuality.

So I'm following suit:

Read more - and see pictures... )

Sorry about the lack of image descriptions, maybe later.

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Paul Muldoon is an Irish poet who is living and working now.

Hedgehog by Paul Muldoon )
Also a Happy Belated-by-almost-a-month Birthday to Walt Whitman

  -  a link to an Online Copy of Leaves of Grass, a large book of his poems.

From Leaves of Grass )

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I already wrote a post about this. http://cereus-sphinx.livejournal.com/15406.html

The name of an unobtrusive, tough cactus with a beautiful flower once in a while.  And then because that was taken - I added the moth that pollinates it.

If I changed it.. I don't know.


Jan. 19th, 2011 09:16 am
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A wonderful video that is full of cute.  I swear it has a happy ending!

If the song annoys you - it's just as cute with the sound off!

Watch onYoutube:


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Disability Carnival is up at Butterfly Dreams

This time the theme is "Let Your Freak Flag Fly":



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Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot at a store where she was meeting her constituents.  She might be dead.

I can't write anymore, I can't think.

Fuck.  I hope everyone's ok, especially her.


All I can say, is if you've had an election, and you go forth and shoot the person elected, you're not the voice of the people, just an assassin.

EDIT:  She's actually dead, at least that's what it sounds like.

EDIT: Actually she's alive, but very seriously wounded, including a head wound and is in surgery.  Now she's out of surgery, awake, and responding to commands. Thank Gods.  But other people are dead. :(

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Going to write more about this, maybe a post when I get more spoons.  But university wore me out.  I had a 12 page paper due along with all the finals and lab reports - which may not seem like much.  But language is foreign to me/not my strong suit so I worked far too much on too much stress hormones.  Fatigue symptoms, yay!  Fatigue, nausea, muscle aches.  But by Christmas day, I felt like I was on break.  And now I feel good/normal again.
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Greetings and Best Wishes on the Longest Night of the Year!

15 authors

Nov. 13th, 2010 03:44 pm
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A Meme courtesy of Cheshire and I think Urocyon as well.

Name 15 authors that have affected you in 15 minutes or less.

Authors Here! )

Anyone who wants to do this can take it and run with it.
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Today is Voting Day, at least in Arizona.   Just a reminder.

And a scary-looking - but not particularly dangerous - tarantula for Halloween.

Tarantula, furry and round with contrasting stripes on it's legs

How to find your voting place:


Working on finding one for entire USA.

EDIT:  Found one!

http://pol.moveon.org/votinginfo2010.html   courtesy of Comrade-Cat on LJ.

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Feel free to use - just put them on your own computer or site first.

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The chill of winter has definitely come so this person's icon shows how I feel right now:

Picture of Tea! With words "You're a bit cold? TEA!"


Also, a summary of how to keep yourself good and strong during cold times:


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From :

"In light of recent proposed budget cuts in various countries, I feel compelled to mount a defense of the common sense concept of the government being able to “afford” something:

  • If we can afford to spend billions of dollars on weapons systems we will almost certainly never use, we can afford to have a system where a dedicated tax stream pays for some bare-bones retirement and disability benefits, with no more overhead than it costs to print and mail the checks.
  • If we can afford to endlessly occupy two countries for no apparent reason, surely we can afford to help people get health insurance.
  • If we can summon up $700 billion out of thin air to bail out banks, surely we can afford to fill in the state and local budget gaps that would lead to firing people who provide essential services.
  • If we can afford high-tech laboratories to do scientific research the results of which we will basically give away to corporate interests for nothing, then we can afford humanities instruction, which requires a teacher, a chalkboard, and enough chairs for all the students.
  • Again, if universities can afford to run money-losing athletic programs, then they can afford to provide the minimal research support funds humanities people require — basically time off to focus on research and maybe the occasional plane ticket, since the other resources they need consist of little more than the pre-existing infrastructure of a good library that you’d need for the university anyway.

The pattern is the same again and again and again: the thing that actually costs not too much money is denounced as unaffordable, while the insanely expensive thing is never even questioned. It’s like if I overdrew my checking account and decided I needed to start buying store-brand cereal while never questioning if I can afford that Lexus."

That wold be Love/Metta in action.

Also another good site:
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Inspired by reading Amanda Forest Vivian's post "Disabling Queerness"

When I was growing up, there was a big excitement about the "strong female characters" now being written in books and a lot of those selfsame books were shoved into my hands.  I loved to read and read fast, so a supply of books was a good thing.  And there were good parts to them - in many ways they were what the last era needed - the antidote to the last era.

There's a lot of emphasis in feminism, at least of my mother's generation,of telling girls they can be strong.  On letting "Strong women" develop their potential.  Because women are really as strong as men.  But what about the women who aren't "strong"?

Whatever way you determine strength there's a lot of people that are going to be weak.  Because not everybody has the strength, verbal agility, stamina and physical energy level, and personality (not to mention equal economic opportunities) to make it in this world if we change nothing but allowing women to compete.  If you want to make the lives of women better how much have we accomplished if a large group are still struggling.

In many ways feminism was trying to get woman to be seen in the same way as men.  But there's a trap in how men are seen, too.

There's a dark side to the male role in society is just that if you're strong, great, but if you're weak, if you can't handle it, you're gone.  If the dark side of the female role is the housewife/drudge then the masculine dark side is cannon fodder.  Can't handle the responsibilities of high-power lifestyle? Bang. Show weakness? Bang. Show emotion, or compassion for the wrong person? Bang.  Love another man? (Everyone knows that men are gross, you'd have to be sick.) Bang.  Dress in feminine clothes? Bang.   Have trouble focusing in class and so barely graduate high school and then try to go to community college and try to hold a minimum wage job, and end up short on money?   You can go into the army. It's a great opportunity.  Many of the male roles are designed to make a crop of obedient soldiers.  But it's not a good life anymore than the life of a drudge, or a doll is.

In a talk I went to recently on Math Anxiety they showed a chart that showed what most men and women said their sucess or failure at math was caused by:

                    Success         Failure
Men              Skill           Lack of Effort
Women        Luck           Lack of skill

I've seen so many disabled  people fall into the trap of "I'm just not trying hard enough".  So this makes me wonder...

Telling me, a "girl*" that was (and still is) struggling to speak, to use words at all, to not slur - that she should be speaking "louder" with more "confidence"  if she wants any one to pay attention to her or care for her.  That "She" doesn't "have to speak so softly because she's female" wasn't a good idea.  It was almost hurtful in a lot of ways.

Can't we find a way to treat all people well, without falling into either of there traps?  Can we build a society that works for the Weak and the Strong and the WeakandStrong, and everyone else?

* Not that much of a girl actually, just as much of a boy.  They had no way of knowing about the parts that were there but didn't match my physical body.

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Looks like a whale vertebrae.  Actually got to hold one once, it was an awe-ing experience.

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