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(Another (personal) version of the Wizards Oath from Young Wizards books by Diane Duane)

In Life/Green's name and For life's Sake
And looking towards the wellspring from which all life springs
I swear to keep the world growing
To turn my leaves always towards Sunfire and Rainstorm
And to transmute them to the stuff of life's need.
To place my roots between hard rock and seedling
And to respect all that grows well in it's own way -
                                                                                          Without harm to others
To look towards growth and life - when it is right to do so
(keeping in mind)
               (the invasive)
                           (The cleansing fire that enriches with ash)
And to respect and love the red land and the black (and all their people)
Looking always towards the wellspring of water that exists within all things
And from which their life extends...

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There is no one kind of relationship that has some special magic that makes it superior to all others.  Or all that different from others.

I've seen this said a lot of different ways.  I've heard that straight relationships are more based in love than gay ones.  I've heard that monogamous relationships are more true to love or sensible than poly ones.  I've heard polyamorous relationships held up as more sensible and loving.  That mentally disabled people's relationships are not as full.

All of this is wrong.  All of these have the capacity to be wonderful, glorious.  Or to be hurtful.

All intimate relationships have the same standards - The consent of the participants.  The respect and compassion with which they treat eachother.  Whether the relationship enriches both of them.  Whether it leads to healing, growing, blossoming.   Whether the relationship enriches the community around them.

The outward forms of these things may look vastly different.  They should look different.  Shaped by the people in them.  But they're not some weird exotic thing.  They have the same heart.

The Hearth

Sep. 17th, 2011 02:03 pm
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The Fire is at the Heart
And the Fire is the Heart
For it's sake, all fires whatever are sacred to me.
I shall kindle them small and safe where there are none
For the wayfinding of those who come after.
I will breathe on those fires about to die in dark places
And in passing, feed those that burn without harm to any.
The fire that burns and warms those around it,
In no wise shall I meddle with it, save that it seems about to consume it's confocals, or die.

To these ends, as the Kindling requires, I shall ever thrust my claw into the flames
To shift the darkening ember or feed the failing coal.
Looking always towards the inmost Hearth from which all flames rise together
And all fires burn, undevouring.  In and of that which first set light to the Worlds
And burns in them forevermore.

-The Saurian/Cat version of The Oath.
The Book of Night With Moon
by Diane Duane

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There's a new community called Disabling Queerness  which is exactly what it says on the tin... or exactly what it says in it's name.

Disabling Queerness on DW

Disabling Queerness on LJ

I'm exited! :)

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Paul Muldoon is an Irish poet who is living and working now.

Hedgehog by Paul Muldoon )
Also a Happy Belated-by-almost-a-month Birthday to Walt Whitman

  -  a link to an Online Copy of Leaves of Grass, a large book of his poems.

From Leaves of Grass )


Jan. 19th, 2011 09:16 am
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A wonderful video that is full of cute.  I swear it has a happy ending!

If the song annoys you - it's just as cute with the sound off!

Watch onYoutube:


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The chill of winter has definitely come so this person's icon shows how I feel right now:

Picture of Tea! With words "You're a bit cold? TEA!"


Also, a summary of how to keep yourself good and strong during cold times:


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From :

"In light of recent proposed budget cuts in various countries, I feel compelled to mount a defense of the common sense concept of the government being able to “afford” something:

  • If we can afford to spend billions of dollars on weapons systems we will almost certainly never use, we can afford to have a system where a dedicated tax stream pays for some bare-bones retirement and disability benefits, with no more overhead than it costs to print and mail the checks.
  • If we can afford to endlessly occupy two countries for no apparent reason, surely we can afford to help people get health insurance.
  • If we can summon up $700 billion out of thin air to bail out banks, surely we can afford to fill in the state and local budget gaps that would lead to firing people who provide essential services.
  • If we can afford high-tech laboratories to do scientific research the results of which we will basically give away to corporate interests for nothing, then we can afford humanities instruction, which requires a teacher, a chalkboard, and enough chairs for all the students.
  • Again, if universities can afford to run money-losing athletic programs, then they can afford to provide the minimal research support funds humanities people require — basically time off to focus on research and maybe the occasional plane ticket, since the other resources they need consist of little more than the pre-existing infrastructure of a good library that you’d need for the university anyway.

The pattern is the same again and again and again: the thing that actually costs not too much money is denounced as unaffordable, while the insanely expensive thing is never even questioned. It’s like if I overdrew my checking account and decided I needed to start buying store-brand cereal while never questioning if I can afford that Lexus."

That wold be Love/Metta in action.

Also another good site:
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So much is going right in my life right now.  Raven and I have had the most incredible conversations and we’re very close right now – doors opening that have never been open (at least in words)  I’ve got what’s pretty close to a taste of my dream job in the form of an internship.  I’m (hopefully) going back to college soon. The girl from the bus and I have been hanging out. I am at home with my loved Desert. There’s this bubble of happy that keeps on popping up.  And that in and of itself is a good thing.  A year ago I wouldn’t have felt that, I was too burnt out and used up in the aftermath of trying to make myself work where I couldn’t and trying to appear normal. I’m healing. Not that life is perfect, though.  I'm in a sea of paperwork, and sometimes the adrenalin brings back the old tightness in my lungs and a hint of the burned-out feeling.  but still.

I should write more about it later. But here's a summary.
I spent time before not just scared but also using adrenalin to hotwire my body into "normal" speed via fight or flight.  It worked (pretty much) but the slightest bit of adrenalin became painful (and forget about endorphins) but now I've been rationing it for life and limb purposes and it's receeding.

No on 102

Dec. 2nd, 2008 04:41 pm
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Posted from my private blog.

My views have mellowed a bit since I wrote this though.  At the time I was still in shock and angry.

Marriage may be a religious institution that our government should have no say in, but prop 102 is still a nasty and foolish piece of work. Not only does it potentially restrict access to hospital visitation rights, but it also might send a nasty message about the equal worth of relationships.

It seems to me that the whole "procreation" issue is a red herring. Because when I see anybody who's married (even the fundie christian types) when they talk about their spouse and why they married them it's never about how they wanted to fill the Earth with their children. It's about LOVE. They LOVE each other. Ok, not always. My best friend was perfectly willing to cohabitate until his lover got into a serious accident and the hospital paperwork got messy.

This simple fact is at the heart of why I'm suspicious of anything that restricts marriage, even if I'm not really sure how it would fit into my life if I did get married. The ritual aspect always struck me as cool, but being neither monogamous nor possessive, and being annoyed by empty social rituals, I can't see any reason to tie the Knot.

Love is too rare and precious to worry too much over who other people choose to love. That should be a non-issue. Having believed for a long time that I was flat out "incapable of love" (and all the trouble that caused) it baffles me when people pull this kind of shit and assume that others are unfit to be in a relationship.

EDIT: I'm no longer sure how important this is. Mixing up personal lives and politics is often a bad combination. Basing your arguments on what people "might think" is no way to prioritize.

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