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Here are links to information on Occupy Decolonize Tucson and Occupy Decolonize Phoenix:


Protest starts at 9 am


(sorry main occupy phoenix site is down)

Protest goes from 12 noon - 6 pm. 

Cops are being grouchy about people sticking to the allotted protest time - which is no reason not to stay later - there’s supposed to be people there long term.  Just be aware and make your own choices.

Here are some links to people’s issues or disagreements with the “occupy wall st.” movement.  Please read them, they are making important points:



I have real problems, myself with using “occupy” so near the Tucson Presidio.  It seems like stirring up the worst memories and feelings of that place.  And there is so much history there, bad and good and mixed.  In fact it’s the wrong target for any ‘occupation’.  The city, Tucson, is not our problem - it is our home and downtown’s heart is where the history of our city, of us, lies thickest.  Any fierceness should be located at the Broadway Financial District.

The Phoenix Capital Building seems more appropriate, because the legislators that sit in that building have made a sad habit of policies that cut deep into what we need to be a strong community for the profit of a few.  Even when people have shown their opposition by voting for propositions that raise the sales tax on themselves to fund education.

In any case, if I am in Tucson, I will not be carrying any sign that says “occupy”.  Nor in Phoenix either.  But I will be there, because I believe it is important to be seen.  For all of us to be seen.

(please signal-boost, especially if you are or know any Arizonans)

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Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot at a store where she was meeting her constituents.  She might be dead.

I can't write anymore, I can't think.

Fuck.  I hope everyone's ok, especially her.


All I can say, is if you've had an election, and you go forth and shoot the person elected, you're not the voice of the people, just an assassin.

EDIT:  She's actually dead, at least that's what it sounds like.

EDIT: Actually she's alive, but very seriously wounded, including a head wound and is in surgery.  Now she's out of surgery, awake, and responding to commands. Thank Gods.  But other people are dead. :(

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 Primaries are today.  If you have any candidates you want to support - make sure you make it to your voting site sometime today.

And I can't tell you how to vote but.... please vote for someone who cares about our state enough to Not cut education and healthcare.

In the mean time:

Enjoy "Vote Your Heart".  It's from Avenue Q so it's a bit racy probably NSFW.  But the picture is innocuous.

A few quick links:

Senate Elections
Superintendent of Public Instruction (an interview with one candidate)

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