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So I finally watched Princess Tutu!  Partly because I had seen and heard good things about it at Sakura Con, but the final straw was that Mark Oshiro watched it and the reviews sounded really interesting.

So I got it out from Netflix.

The main plot of the show revolves around this young man named Mytho who doesn't seem to have feelings or a lot of self-will.  And "Ahiru" (which literally means duck in Japanese :P) this young woman (who is actually a duck that can transform herself into a human) who decides she's going to do what she can to help.

And it turns out that Mytho is actually the "prince" from the old story "the Prince and the Raven" who eternally battled the Raven and shattered his heart to seal the Raven away...

"This is great!" said the author, who was supposed to have died...

And it struck me how familiar Mytho's situation was.   From times in the past.  Reminds me of stumbling around like a kitten after getting out of all the therapy and off meds.   I mean, how often do we shatter our own hearts to keep "The Raven" (mental illness, disability, whatever) from affecting others?  Even though "The Raven" is also us.  How often are our whole lives cast as that struggle?  And yet the whole story was made up by someone, and  we can say if we want "wow, this story is kind of bogus".  But we don't learn that  except by ourselves, usually.

Spoilers ahead:

And the revelation that Fakir, who controls and behaves really cruelly towards Mytho to keep him from regaining his heart, was asked by Mytho to shatter his heart in the first place and thinks of himself as pretty much an extension of Mytho's will, as his servant - brings up questions of Inside versus Outside Safety.

And in terms of plural stuff - some of us ended up pretty much being the groups personal Fakir.  Including one of us who was one of the best at passing insisting on "Fronting" almost constantly even though the stress made him so snappy that he/I was cruel and abusive to pretty much everyone in system.  Not that that excuses anything I did, but at the time it was part of a great work of protection.

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