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Or how actually being a (trans) guy saved me from the Catholic Church:

When I was little I wanted to be a monk or priest more than anything.  Really wanted it more than all other human-style jobs.  I could just dress the part and... do it.   My mom (who's pretty awesome)  had a book around with "women who dressed up as guys to get into things they weren't supposed to" and priests were in there.  I realized that when I died I would probably be discovered and put down in history as "a woman who dressed up as a man to get what she wanted".   And that would be such a lie.   And I wouldn't be able to write anything down anywhere to explain to people, unless my superiors found it while I was alive.  So I couldn't do it.

Wow, seems weird/intense on paper.

Now in a couple of years I found out more about the church, and decided "no thanks" anyway.  So the first line is a bit overdramatic.

I also have taken a few Physical Anthropology courses, and I watch Bones, and the thought of people misunderstanding after my death still bugs me.  But less.

This was actually brought up by reading Bittergrapes's Sherlock Fanfiction "Beyond" - which talks about the assumptions people make about trans people after their deaths.  It is also a good piece of 'fic.

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