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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'll elaborate more later but three things:

1. Conserve water whenever possible (in arid areas).  Water in the evening and water smartly.

2. Treat material items as precious: Reuse/recycle whenever possible. Plastic is made out of fossil fuels, which are going to be rare. Metal is pure awesome!  It can have immense strength without shattering - it just bends! Electrically conductive,makes nice wires and sheets, SHINY....

3.  I'm planting a garden, in part for enjoyment, but also to get more foods locally.  Most imprtantly to start figuring out what ways of growing food are right for our area.  I could just go back to the Native American/Spanish days... but if I want to be more modern I have to figure it out myself. :)

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For a long time I've been in search of something to darken my computer's screen darker than my screen's brightness settings will allow.

I have problems with the bright monitor and I like to stay up late on the net in a dark house (Its amazingly dark and quiet).

For some time I tried wearing sunglasses, but what I really wanted was "Sunglasses for my computer".  That way I would be saving an infinitessimal amount of power and not light polluting the whole house.  I looked into window clings designed to screen out sun (which I found out are not meant to use on computer screens) and hacking into my computer's settings.

Now I've found it!

It's an Irlen filter in program form!

You can not only go darker but choose any color of overlay and specify the opacity!

It's also really small ~ 60 kb.  I recomend it. :)

I like a black or really dark brown filter.

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This is an interesting documentary and ethnography of the history of the web as we know it today.


Seeing the way that computers and us have both had to adapt to each other has really cemented my sense of computers and us having a symbiotic relationship.

We feed them electricity and allow them to reproduce.
They allow us to type, create art in new ways, become immersed in video games, and communicate with other people with computers at far distances.

It makes me feel awed - a little like I'm playing with fire.  :)

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