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Attention all Arizona people:
(and anyone else who's interested)

Two very important Bills have been passed through the Legislature and are going in front of Jan Brewer to sign.  Please ask her to veto them both.

Teachers & Education

This is yet another bill to undo all the beneficial changes teacher's unions have made.  This allows any school to reduce a teacher's salary for ANY reason. 

Anit-Immigration Ugliness

This give any law enforcement the right to ask for someone's "papers" (a.k.a. Proof of Citizenship) if they have any reason to believe that they are illegals.  In other words - this will probably mean things like skin color.  Anyone found without their "papers" or proof of citizenship can be held.  At least if I'm reading this law correctly.

Please add your voice to this.
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Yellowstone Wolf Pack Exterminated:

The adults of the Cottonwood Wolf Pack in Yellowstone were killed earlier this week as well as other adult wolves.  Pups were not killed, but they WILL NOT survive without adults.  Starvation is what they face now...

Thirteen years ago, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone on a trial basis.

The elk population was booming and elk were eating everything and then starving.

Since then the Aspens and willows that were almost gone have come back.  Why?  Because the elk were eating saplings before they could grow up.  The wolves caused the elk to be always on the lookout, ready for flight, and so they spent less time in the copses munching on aspen and willow.

With willow came beaver.  Which were extinct.  So now we have beaver, beaver ponds, fishes, and songbirds singing in the willows that were not there before.

Also ravens, magpies and foxes are doing better because of wolves leaving elk carcasses around.

And there were minimal or no livestock deprededations.



Information from Defenders of Wildlife

All of you from the US:  Please sign the petition.
Thank You.
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The Minutemen are an extremist "militia" group that has taken upon itself to patrol the border and apprehend illegal aliens.
Three Minutemen entered a family home and fatally shot a girl.

Sadly, this doesn't  suprise me at all, considering the reports of abuse of illegals by their hands.
It's mixed out here, most people are at the LEAST extremely ambivalent about this kid of "protection".  I'm just tired of all the hate-mongering around people who are just here to get some sort of job.

It seems when we concentrate evil into one place - and then pin all that evil onto one group of Humans or living creatures.  It gives license to crush those people.  This seems to unleash and nurture the worst parts of human nature.
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Obama, in the middle of a speech castigating the Bush presidency for their attitudes towards the Guantanamo detainees introduced the idea of "Prolonged Detention". So now people can be detained for years "even though they might not be convicted of any crimes" just to protect us from the crimes they may commit.




I'm reminded of the movie "Minority Report" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minority_Report_(film)
And apparently I'm not the only one.


Liberty is a basic human right!  Our constitution contains guarantees against inprisonment without conviction.

This is unacceptable.

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